mardi 14 septembre 2010

La populace américaine inquiète du "double dip"

D'après une étude menée par StrategyOne auprès de 1050 personnes représentatives des Américains, entre le 25 et le 27 juin 2010, 92 % affirment que les États-Unis sont toujours en récession.

72 % craignent que les problèmes financiers européens perturbent les États-Unis et 65 % craignent une récession en "double dip".

92% say the US is still in recession
65% fear a ‘double dip’ recession
57% are fearful about running out of money in the next year
44% could easily see their family slipping into bankruptcy if things get worse
42% say they will spend less money than they did over the last 3 months, while just 10% will spend more. 48% report their personal spending will likely stay even
09% say the US is in a 1930s style economic depression
72% say Europe’s financial problems likely to hurt US
42% say that they or their spouse has had wages or salary reduced
34% say they or their spouse lost their job or has been laid off
33% have taken on more hours or another job to try and make ends meet
28% dipped into a planned retirement account like an IRA or 401K because they needed the money
09% have had their house foreclosed on
08% had their child delay college (or graduate school) or drop out to save money
20% expect their personal finances will recover by the end of 2011, 27% say after the end of 2011, 24% say their personal finances won’t ever fully recover

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